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What is A Professional Realtor?

As in other professions, realtors are answerable to the Canadian Real Estate Council for infractions and there is a definite code of conduct to follow.  However, although realtors work under umbrella organizations such as Sutton or Remax, they are basically free agents as they are self employed. 

 What then does professionalism consist of?

In my opinion, it means holding yourself  to high standards – for honesty, ethics, knowledge and guidance.  Being honest means you give all the information to a buyer which could affect his buying decision. It means  educating and digging for information, particularly in the area of stratas. It means encouraging sellers to disclose defects in their properties so the buyers cannot have a comeback later.  Remind sellers that they will be buyers too. It also means telling the seller the truth regarding how much their home is really worth.

Ethics means that you cooperate with your fellow agents especially when you have an offer on your own listing or are buying a property for yourself. It means treating senior clients or the disabled with extra care and, where appropriate, involving their children or guardians in the decision-making process.

Knowledge means continuously educating yourself on new issues in the evolving market. It means educating yourself and in turn your client about market conditions in a particular locale.

Guidance means learning about and listening to the client's needs and wants. Helping them stay on budget. Helping them manage their emotions! Educating them about the whole process and particularly the total costs involved in buying and selling.

Finally a professional person must never relentlessly pursue people and gracefully accept when someone chooses not to work with you.