So you've now decided to seriously pursue your dream of buying your first home or it's finally time to change your current house as it has outgrown your needs. You've been thinking about it, looking at open houses etc, and you're ready to go to the next level. What now?

Several things:

  • You need to define one or two areas/neighbourhoods to concentrate on. Do those areas meet your needs for transportation, parks, schools and other amenities, distance to family, work etc?

  • What are you seeking to buy – a house, townhouse or apartment?

  • Have you calculated your finances and have you spoken to your bank or mortgage broker? What are your thoughts re the terms for your new mortgage? How much will the monthly payments be, factoring in heating, property taxes etc?

  • Are you aware of the total costs involved in buying and selling real estate?

  • How are you going to select an agent? This is an important step because an experienced advisor can really be a huge asset. I am happy to be interviewed either in person or by phone.

I love the teaching process involved in buying, particularly with stratas.  I usually spend at least two hours explaining the whole process and all the things to look out for before we hit the road. I come with many references which are available upon request or you can speak to a past client if you like.

Currently 95% of my business comes to me by referral. I hope to make you a part of my club of happy inactive clients!